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Negotiating the legal obstacles that complicate what is often an already emotionally charged time in your life is not easy. You need a trusted adviser that knows how to keep you looking past the hurdles and moving towards the finish line – Executor Estate Solutions is that trusted advisor and partner that can answer your questions, right now.

I need help understanding my duties as an estate executor.

Call now to arrange for experts to walk you through the entire process of settling an estate ensuring that you understand your legal duties while fulfilling the final wishes of your loved one.

I need help preparing a will.

Call now to arrange for an estate planning expert to walk you through the process of documenting and regsitering your final wishes or those of a loved one.

I need help settling an estate.

Call now for a professional referral to licensed legal and accounting experts that will assist you in completing all the required forms and submissions.

I need help inventorying estate assets.

Call now to arrange for an expert to assist you in locating, documenting and valuing estate-related assets.

I need help filing insurance and/or pension claims.

Call now for an expert to assist you in locating and collecting insurance and pension beneficieary payouts.

I need help planning a funeral.

Call now to arrange for a licensed professional to assist you in organizing a funeral and/or memorial service in accordance with the final wishes of your loved one.

I need help distributing assets and money.

Call now to arrange for an expert to guide you through the process of paying out expenses as well as distributing inheritances to beneficiaries.

I need help liquidating assets.

Call now to arrange for inventoried assets to be sold on the free market through licensed brokers and/or auction houses.

I need help locating beneficiaries.

Call now to arrange for an expert to assist you in locating beneficiaries of a will or other inheretance.

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Helping You Find And Select Expert Professionals

Without licensed experts to guide your way through Ontario’s court system and Canada’s tax laws then you are at risk of delaying the probate process while paying out higher fees and estate taxes than necessary.  Executor Estate Solutions will help you select experienced and knowledgeable professionals to protect the estate from such costs while ensuring that all of your obligations and duties are fulfilled.


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Please send in your estate-related question and our experts will endeavor to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


    When my mom died I found out too late what needed to be done. Executor Estate Solutions guided me through everything.
    Bill Smith
    I never realized how important it was to have my estate planning in place. Executor Estate Solutions showed me everything.
    Bill Smith
    My buddy passed away on a trip and I had to get him home. One call to Executor Estate Solutions and everything was looked after.
    Bill Smith

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