Respect and security in your time of loss

Executor Estate Solutions understands the confusion, doubt and fear that can find its way into people’s lives when confronted with having to make financial and legal decisions on the behalf of another.

Know that kind, caring and very knowledgeable people are only a phone call away that truly understand what needs to done to protect you and the estate for which you are the executor.

Please review all of the services that you have access to, below, and take advantage of the FREE one-hour no-obligation consultation to discuss your concerns and needs.

Your One-Stop Solution For All Of Your Executor Needs

Consulting & Advisory Services

Expert estate planning, administration and settlement advice and counselling.

Locating Estate Documents

Providing answers to questions as well as registered estate-related documents.

Forms & Filings

Completing and submiting all required tax documents to settle estates.

Professional Services

Selecting lawyers, accountants and funeral directors.

Document Review

Reviewing estate-related documents and guiding you in their significance within the settlement process.

Agency, Trustee & Management Services

Providing turn-key solutions for out-of-area executors, overseeing day-to-day administration of an estate.

Locating Beneficiaries

Locating beneficiaries on your behalf and arrange distribution of any inheritances.

Locating & Liquidating Assets

Assisting you in the locating, inventorying and liquidation of financial assets and property.

Expert Mediation Services

Assisting in the settling of estate-related disputes among families and 3rd parties including employers and insurers.

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Wills & Document Review


Estate Planning & Management


Form Preparation & Filings

What Our Clients Are Saying

Whether you’re planning your own estate, updating an existsing plan or administering the estate of a loved one – we have the answers you need to take the next step forward.

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